The Ethnic style exists in many areas, including clothing. These borrow elements from different cultures. You can discover the creations built with African boubou, Indian saris or pearls reminiscent of Native American art.

For daily or evening, the Ethnic style is perfect.

ll the trends of the world have had the ability to inspire the garment sector. Generally, Ethnic style is compared to the movements of the "Hippies" or "Babas Cool". This method draws its sources in different areas in order to provide non-standard concepts, chic and very stylish. The dedicated catalog is expanded, it includes both a wide range of colors and various designs. Whether for everyday or evening, women will have at their disposal dresses, skirts embellished zip and Velcro. In the summer, this will be perfect with tights, but during the winter, it will be perfect with leggings.

Ethnic style 100% of the feet to the head.

In parallel, you can brave the weather with a Hilka wool jacket or harem pants with rivets. The creators have imagined unusual and original fairy jackets. Ethnic The world is punctuated by small details that make all the difference. Earrings, leather bracelets, mittens and gloves will bring an extra touch of elegance to any outfit. To bet on a 100% Ethnic style, you can even opt for short gaiters or briefcase belt.

Varied and punchy colors.

This dress style is a real asset, it puts forward a wide range of colors. During your moods and your desires, you can choose a dark outfit with a shirt or a black top. By cons, if you have envied energize your days, neon shades will have no secret.

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Showing1-12 of68 items