Clothing styles generally follow trends that have marked the past. This is the case for Psywear, known as "psychedelic clothing." It draws its sources directly in the 60s Today you can express your lifestyle by choosing your way t-shirts, jackets or artistic shorts.

Supplementing outfit with practical accessories.

The creators have a goal: to offer atypical designs thanks to the graphic arts. Whether you are a woman or a man, you will easily find your happiness thanks to a rich catalog. All the outfits are likely to be enhanced by accessories such as a belt bag. With different capacities, High Clothing thought to increase the number of pockets to make their product both attractive and practical. This dress style is a real art to hand over, so you can opt for special shoes that will project you in another dimension.

Psychedelic clothes for winter and off-season.

Psychedelic fashion has the advantage of being suitable for men, women and even adapts to the seasons. The hoodie is the perfect product to retain its style while preserving the elements. The creators have demonstrated a real imagination is also the focus of Psywear style. Women can be enhanced by a fairy look with the mandala jacket reminiscent of the original drawing Carey Thompson. For men, the diversity is also to meet with, for example, a range of jackets and sweatshirts based on the theme of elves.

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Showing1-12 of45 items