Ethnic clothing store, psywear and tribal - BaliWood
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❁For this Label Party, we have chosen this mythical place where Salvador DALI enjoyed entertaining his friends, partying and celebrating art in all its forms. In part music, IBOGA rec label certainly fits into this place of what El Rachdingue parties.
❁For this Label Night, we could not to overlook the artists who made the renowned Iboga: Emok, Ace Ventura and Mr. Rocky What? will be with us.
❁The Rachdingue will be fully decorated and transformed for the occasion by UFO COLOURS whose reputation and sense of detail are well established.
❁ Finally, to give a caliente atmosphere of the evening, a giant barbecue spit is organized.

PAF: 25€ Presale & At the door (Free BKK included)

Presale only on Moxity .

LABEL NIGHT IBOGA RECORDS @ RACHDINGUE SPAIN W/// Ace Ventura - Emok - Rocky - Mr What? - NBM Krew